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Bangor Federal Credit Union approached Pulse Marketing Agency in February 2014 and we hit the ground running with a campaign that had a very short deadline.


Capitalizing on Bangor Federal’s established strategy, we provided content writing and graphic design for several posters, banners, and postcards, and we created an announcement letter and statement inserts that Bangor Federal mailed to their members.  Although the credit union had several ways that they were reaching out to members and non-members to let the community know about their services, we noticed that by using only the more traditional channels, a large demographic audience was being missed. Pulse suggested taking advantage of social media and other avenues to target a younger audience. We also designed an attractive email marketing template for Bangor Federal’s use for ongoing communications.

In the summer of 2014, Pulse began managing Bangor Federal’s social media accounts. We created a lively Facebook contest to generate interest in the credit union while also offering the chance to win fun prizes. This summer giveaway brought Bangor Federal new fans, increased their exposure, and gave the credit union the opportunity to give back to community members.

Pulse Marketing has conducted market research on behalf of the credit union to fully understand the strengths Bangor Federal has, and the potential barriers it faces. Our research gave us a solid basis for suggesting a “Full Circle Checking” campaign when Bangor Federal was looking to increase the number of checking accounts. We created a tagline, “Go from FEE to FREE,” that highlighted all of the free services checking account holders enjoy, and we designed a campaign that included buck slips, a Facebook cover photo, postcards, posters, TV graphics, and a banner and landing page for Bangor Federal’s website. Our graphics were also shared on social media, inviting people to their website to apply for a checking account. In the spring of 2015, Pulse created a goodwill campaign for Bangor Federal aiming at helping community members take control of their finances and prosper.


Pulse Marketing has worked on several campaigns with Bangor Federal, with the goals of increased exposure and awareness, increased membership, and community goodwill at the forefront of each project.

We continue to strategize and create new campaigns for Bangor Federal that cater to their established members while attracting a younger demographic with all the benefits a credit union provides.

Now equipped with branded and updated social media accounts, Bangor Federal is able to add an extra layer of exposure to each new campaign and keep members up to date on any news and events happening at their branches.