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A Week in the Life of a Marketer

We here at Pulse Marketing have been fortunate to host Adrian Van der Eb, a high school intern from Blue Hill, for the past two weeks. She may have come here to learn about what we do, but she also taught us many things about ourselves;  we (probably) drink too much coffee, we get a little silly towards the end of the work day, a quiet tone is the best delivery for sarcasm, and none of us are ready to raise a teenager.

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What Is the Job of a Marketer?

I recently had a professional approach me and ask me what a marketer really does. That question caught me off-guard. Before I became a professional marketer – even as far back as high school – the field of marketing had always been crystal clear to me, and I wasn’t really sure how to answer. One of the greatest things about growing older, however, is that moments like this make us stop and ponder an idea without the bias of a young ego.  Do people “get” what I do, I wondered? Maybe yes, maybe no.

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