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Are You Ready for the Holiday Season?

It may seem a little early to start thinking about the holidays, but for small businesses, it’s the perfect time. You want to make sure that you get ahead of the game in your marketing for the holidays because as soon as November hits people are going to begin thinking about the holidays and gifts. When this happens you want to make sure that they immediately think of you and your products!

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Remember to Shop Local this Holiday Season

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is this week! Thanksgiving can be the most stressful holiday for many people. There’s a lot of preparation, travel, and anxiety surrounding this traditional American family holiday, plus the ensuing mad dash for holiday bargains before the turkey has even been properly digested. Gift shopping for everyone on our lists, planning the next holiday meal, decking the halls (and trees,) all the while trying to keep up with our daily lives. It’s exhausting!

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Holiday Marketing Lessons from Charlie Brown

For those dedicated individuals (myself included) who watch the classic holiday TV specials every year, the story behind Charlie Brown’s Christmas is as timeless and familiar as ‘Jingle Bells.’ From a professional perspective, though, the special also illustrates a few (subtle) marketing best practices. Charlie Brown’s character is endearing because he’s not a salesman, but at the same time, he’s at least unconsciously in touch with some pretty important fundamentals.

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If Santa Was A Marketer: 5 Things for Your Marketing Wish List

By this time of the year, most kids have a pretty good idea of what they’d like Santa to bring them for Christmas. When it comes to small business owners, though, the same question can be a puzzle. Bigger budgets and ROI aside, what should industrious, innovative marketers ask for this season?  Since Santa has an age limit to his North Pole gifts roster, here are a few gift ideas to help diligent entrepreneurs reward their inner marketers.

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My Entrepreneurial Reasons to be Thankful

I have numerous reasons to be thankful in my life, but most importantly, for being healthy, having a beautiful family, and a job.  That’s right – only when you’re unemployed, with a pile of bills staring at you, do you begin to miss all the annoying things about working for a living.  I was born to work.  I don’t think I could ever stay at home, even if I were really rich.  I love the thrill of producing something, and working hard for every pay check. Call it immigrant syndrome if you wish, but I get really excited about my work.

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