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  1. 5 Tips for Managing Your Nonprofit’s Database

    As any nonprofit manager knows, development campaigns generate a tremendous amount of data about prospects, donors, and ongoing projects. If not carefully managed, this data can quickly become an overwhelming tangle. A clean, up-to-date database is the lifeline of all nonprofit organizations, but requires careful maintenance and planning.

  2. How to Create a Donor Persona

    A nonprofit organization’s success is dependent on its donors. Before you can promote your work and draw supporters to your cause, you must know who your supporters are. Do some research to create detailed personas, a specific, in-depth profile of the ideal donors you’d like to attract. Ideally you should form multiple personas, about 2-4, to better tailor your marketing strategy to them.

  3. A Nonprofit Online Presence for All Seasons

    The holiday season is known as the most wonderful time of the year. For nonprofits, it really is, especially when it comes to online giving. With 1/3 of all online donations coming in during the month of December alone, managing your nonprofit’s online presence is more important during this time of year than any other.

  4. 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating a Donor Persona

    Creating a customer persona and figuring out how to best communicate with your target audience is an imperative step for any marketing campaign. Before you can promote your work and draw supporters to your cause, you must have a clear picture of who your supporters are, what they’re passionate about, and what makes them tick.

  5. 3 Simple Ways to Build Your Nonprofit’s Brand

    In the busy world of nonprofits, where one employee usually wears many hats in the organization, it’s often hard to find time to strategize about branding. However, building your nonprofit’s brand should be a top priority. Building your brand will help you gain credibility and awareness of your organization and its services. Here are three quick and easy ways to build your nonprofit’s brand:

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