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  1. Valuable Marketing Lessons from a Small Bakery

    It stands to reason that when prospects finally reach the sale stage after months of careful nurturing, they’re pretty well-informed (and confident) about what they’re buying. The trick, though, is keeping them satisfied after that first sale so that they keep coming back for more, and become brand ambassadors.

  2. Telling Leads from Inquiries, and How to Qualify Them

    To some, the distinction between an inquiry and a lead is simple. To others (especially those new to marketing), the terms seem to be used interchangeably.  And to both groups, determining the quality of leads can be tricky. So, for both newcomers to the profession and those veterans already running through the difference in your minds, here are some useful tips to help the process.

  3. Customer Retention: A Marketing Goldmine

    In the complex, competitive cycle of recruiting new customers, many businesses make the huge mistake of overlooking the valuable customers they already have. According to Forbes, however, it’s nearly 7 times less expensive to retain an existing customer than to gain a new one.

  4. What Does Your Product Packaging Say About Your Brand?

    Packaging is more than simply a container for your product. Well-executed product packaging communicates key information about your brand to a prospective buyer, encouraging them to select your product over a competitor’s.

  5. The 4 P’s of Modern Marketing

    For more than half a century, the Four P’s – Product, Price, Promotion, and Place – have formed a cornerstone of marketing theory. However, today’s IT-savvy consumers are informed and empowered, with nearly endless options – in fact, through research and online dialogue, they carry out much of the marketing process on their own.

  6. Agency Angle: Four Tips to Attract Better Customers

    Many of our small-business clients approach us with a similar challenge: How to make the transition from small, one-time sales to larger clients with repeat business? Good news! A new year means a new marketing plan. January can be a great opportunity to revamp last year’s strategies, and a chance to redirect efforts toward new markets and more sustainable prospects. If you’re still unsure how to pave your way for 2013, here are four simple tips to get you started.

  7. Fueling Growth: Keeping Clients Happy

    B2B organizations don’t sell one item – they sell long term relationships. Furthermore, a successful sales cycle is truly a cycle. It doesn’t end; it evolves.

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