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  1. 4 Instagram Features to Help Your Business Thrive

    As a visual social media platform, Instagram presents unique challenges to businesses. To be successful, you must figure out how to present your business on this channel. After you’ve decided how to present your brand – your voice, your style, your presentation strategies – do some research into what your followers find interesting and decide how you can use that information to promote your business in a way that’s meaningful and engaging to grab the attention of your audience and other Instagrammers.

  2. 6 Ways to Use Instagram to Tell Your Brand’s Story

    Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media channels available today. There are 400 million users uploading over 80 million photos each day on Instagram giving it potential as a valuable marketing tool. Despite its parent company being Facebook, Instagram has been slow to adopt paid advertising. They only began offering this option in the fall of 2015.

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