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  1. Packaging Your First Impression

    Your package design communicates key information about your brand to prospective buyers and sparks their interest in your product. A well designed package encourages them to select your product over a competitor’s, while an unattractive package may cause them to favor another brand. In fact, businesses have reported a 30% increase in customer interest when they pay attention to packaging.

  2. Build Your Brand with Community Involvement

    The holiday season is the season of giving. Both businesses and individuals celebrate this season by giving the gifts of time, money, and other resources to their favorite charities. For businesses, being involved with the community is a great way to build their brand, making these gifts ones that keep giving all year long.

  3. The Importance of Being Authentic

    Why are you different? We are all essentially selling the same thing—a product or a service. Your apples against your competitor’s apples are probably very similar. When it comes down to it, you’re not just selling your product but yourself, too.

  4. 3 Simple Ways to Build Your Nonprofit’s Brand

    In the busy world of nonprofits, where one employee usually wears many hats in the organization, it’s often hard to find time to strategize about branding. However, building your nonprofit’s brand should be a top priority. Building your brand will help you gain credibility and awareness of your organization and its services. Here are three quick and easy ways to build your nonprofit’s brand:

  5. How to Incorporate Pinterest in Your Marketing

    Pinterest is a fast-growing social platform that can be used to store and share images associated with your brand. It can be also helpful in driving traffic to your website, and can serve as a powerful link building technique to support your current SEO program.

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