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  1. 3 Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Blog Titles

    Whether it’s on social media, search engine results, or your website, the first part of a blog post that a reader will see is the title. Your blog title can determine if a reader will click on it to read more or keep scrolling. This doesn’t mean that your images or the content of your blog isn’t important, but your title leads readers to these parts of your post that may not be seen if they click away. On average, 8 out of 10 readers will read your blog’s headline, while only 2 of 10 will read the rest of the content.

  2. What’s Old is New Again in Blogging

    Engaging blog content is essential to a successful marketing strategy in today’s world. With blogs receiving 528 million page views per month, content is being consumed faster than it can be produced. If you fear running out of ideas for your blogs, don’t fret. Repurposing old content can be a practical way to save time and attract new viewers to your page.

  3. Your Customers Want You to Blog – Like a Ninja

    Blogging takes regular time and investment, resources which many smaller businesses may not have. However, the benefits of blogging far outweigh the extent of the commitment, especially in today’s customer-centric market.  A well-written blog can influence consumers’ opinions and purchase decisions way more than social networks do. Here are a few reasons why you should blog regularly:

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