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A Week in the Life of a Marketer

By Cintia Miranda

We here at Pulse Marketing have been fortunate to host Adrian Van der Eb, a high school intern from Blue Hill, for the past two weeks. She may have come here to learn about what we do, but she also taught us many things about ourselves;  we (probably) drink too much coffee, we get a little silly towards the end of the work day, a quiet tone is the best delivery for sarcasm, and none of us are ready to raise a teenager.

We also learned how rewarding it is to foster the curiosity of someone exploring the world, and reveled in sharing our excitement and passion for powerful content and strategy with the next generation of marketers.

Adrian was kind enough to write a guest blog for us, highlighting her adventures with Pulse, and we want to share her perspective with you.
Adrian, it’s been a fantastic learning experience for all of us! Good luck with college and we look forward to seeing you become a rock star in the marketing world.

Have you ever worried about the next step in your life? Personally, as a senior in high school, my dilemma is college. I am constantly asked, “what are you going to major in?” Well, over the last two weeks I have been testing out one of my top choices: marketing. I have been able to take advantage of my school’s independent study program by shadowing at Pulse Marketing Agency to get a good look at marketing from the creation perspective.

At first, I was nervous because I did not know what to expect but that didn’t last long. Everyone was very welcoming and if they were bothered by a 17-year-old constantly asking questions, they hid it well.

Working with Sarah B., Pulse Marketing’s content writer and editor, was really eye-opening. I was surprised by how much content she actually goes through in a day. After watching her edit website, social media, and white paper content, and do hours of research to write her own content, I have gained a lot of respect for what a writer and editor does.

I also got to see the visual marketing side of the agency by shadowing graphic and web designers, Sarah O. and Travis. Watching Sarah O. design websites and social media posts with appealing photos and creative writing styles has shown me a lot of cool ways to “think outside of the box.” Viewing the designs Travis creates using Photoshop has got me thinking that if I go into marketing, I would love to take courses in graphic design.

An important thing I have learned during my time at Pulse is that a website needs to be responsive. This was evident as soon as I was shown a site that did not resize for mobile phone use, leading to a frustrating user experience. The thing that fascinated me the most about creating a website was how content and design come together to form a final project. Without an appealing color scheme and a functional layout, a website will not attract the attention you are looking for. However, it’s not all about looks. A website must contain well-written and relevant content in order to make a consumer want to buy the product being offered.

One of the greatest things that I will take away from this experience is understanding how important it is for a business to be active in its community. Cíntia, the owner of Pulse Marketing, has made herself available to other local business owners by providing free seminars on social media and marketing plans. She has also created Pulse It Forward, the agency’s small charitable program, as a way to give back to the community every month. These events are rewarding as a marketer and as an individual. No matter where I end up working in the future I plan to focus on being connected to my community the way that Cíntia is with hers.

The most important things I’ve learned:

  • Social media is a tool, use it often.
  • Search Engine Optimization can be extremely beneficial if used correctly.
  • Don’t send something out without a second opinion.
  • You can cover a lot of ground in a 30-minute free consultation.
  • A website is only successful if it’s functional.
  • Media platforms are constantly changing.
  • Take time to give back, it’s rewarding.
  • Photoshop has too many buttons.

This opportunity has given me a useful look into what my life could be like if I decide to pursue a career in marketing, and it has convinced me that marketing would be a good fit for me. So, if you’re trying to figure out your next step, test your options and see how it goes. It worked for me.

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