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Our Community

We believe in community involvement. All of Pulse Marketing Agency’s employees are highly involved in volunteer work throughout our community. All of us have been touched by random and simple acts of kindness in our lives, and we remember them with a smile on our faces. We want to create reasons for everyone in our community to smile.

Our volunteer work is ongoing. Every month, we research and select a cause we want to embrace. It’s a group effort and we enjoy taking the time to help our community through our in-house charitable program, Pulse it Forward. Our mission is to donate time, talent, and monetary funds to help causes in our community that will foster social and economic development. But we don’t want to simply write checks, we want to roll up our sleeves and get involved.

Our staff members are also actively involved in local boards, committees, and taskforces at the following organizations:

  1. Maine Multicultural Center– Cintia Miranda, Board Member
  2. Charlotte White Center – Cintia Miranda, Board Member
  3. Rotary Club of Bangor – Cintia Miranda, Marketing Committee Chair
  4. Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce – Cintia Miranda, Marketing Committee Member
  5. University of Maine Cooperative Extension – Shelby Hartin, Maine Master Gardener Volunteer
  6. FUSION: Bangor – Cam Amoroso, Marketing Subcommittee Member

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